Training Workshops

  • Workshop Length

    Socially Speaking offers a range of workshops from one hour to a whole day. The length can be ‘tailor made’ according to the needs of the participants.

    Workshop Topics

    • Socially Speaking Resources – introduction of these resources and how to use them practically with students
    • Developing social skills and relationships
    • Supporting students with organisational and attention difficulties
    • Identifying stress/anxiety in students and developing positive strategies for students to regulate their own stress
    • Specific disabilities e.g. Austism Spectrum Disorder, Dyspraxia, ADHD etc
    • Understanding Sensory Processing issues and how they relate to home and classroom behaviour.

    Workshop Audience

    These workshops are available for a range of people e.g. teachers, teacher aides, RTLB’s, parents and others involved with students with social, communication and sensory difficulties.


  • Upcoming Workshops:

    Next workshop is ‘Supporting children with social and sensory needs at school”. Medbury School.  This is a workshop for Medbury School Staff.  Please contact Alison Schroeder if you are interested in a similar workshop for your school.


    For any queries, please email