Services For Schools

  • Socially Speaking offers the following services to schools

    Small group support in schools

    These groups can be tailor made to meet the needs of the students i.e. self-regulation, sensory processing, social and emotional development, oral language development

    The following procedures will take place

    • Schools/Professionals involved with schools identify students that need support
    • A teacher questionnaire is completed and permission slips completed by parents/caregivers. These are sent through to Socially Speaking
    • Small groups are set up. Ideally 6-8 students.  If there are 8 students Socially Speaking requests another support person in the group.
    • Short observation takes place at school
    • Weekly groups take place. These are run by a speech and language therapist/and or occupational therapist.
    • Written summaries are written at the end of term and sent to teachers and parents/caregivers

    Some students may be identified by their parents/caregivers, school or during the group sessions and may require further individual assessment.  

  • Resources available for schools:
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